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Read what others are saying about Hoopsie Daisy's classes!

What I liked most about the class was Natasha - great inspiration! It was a wonderful experience with lots of learning. I'm definitely getting to feel my rhythm and body. - Eva

The best part of class was our friendly, accessible teacher! I felt very comfortable and safe. It was fun, sexy, and easy going. I had a great time!

Natasha is very approachable and that helps a lot! I really appreciate how she breaks down all the moves in easy to understand step by step techniques and always fits in individual attention for students within the class setting. You're really great! Keep teaching! - Kaylynn

I really like Natasha's down to earth and friendly style of teaching.

I enjoyed the thorough instruction, correction, and advice. Class was fun and challenging! - Christine

I loved that everyone was at different levels and it is okay to make mistakes.

The best part of this class was the detailed explanations and the friendly, supportive instructor. - Elena

What I liked most was that by the end of class, I always had a few tricks down. It was a great experience and I'm sure I'll be back. I loved it! - Shae

I love this class because it is so much fun without any pressure, just learning at your own pace! This class is fun and helps me if I have a stressful week. - Zarah

My favorite thing was the friendly and relaxed environment. This class made me feel 7 years old again!

The best thing about class was Natasha's patience! - Julie

What I liked most about class was Natasha's upbeat attitude. Hoop class was a wonderful way to unwind after a long day!

I loved learning how to use my body to manipulate the hoop. I enjoyed learning how to challenge my body. If you want to reawaken your body, join the hoop cult. You'll thank yourself later!

Good instruction, fantastic class! Natasha's instruction is energetic and her teaching is gentle and to the point - perfect! - Jan

So much fun and instruction for tricks was easy to understand. I had a great time and Natasha was a fantastic teacher! - Lauren

Natasha has a great eye for specific adjustments! The class was very sweet and educational. I will take it again! - Margo

You're a great teacher - playful, mellow, and patient with good resources and good communication. You exposed us to the whole hoop community that's out there. The class was totally hip and fun. Hula hooping isn't just for kids. - Patti

What I liked most about class was that each move is shown with different ways of doing it and allows for variation of movement. I'd like to take more levelsl of this class. Please teach more! This class has been challenging but also LOTS of fun. It's also a good way to work out and work up a sweat! - Carolyn

Natasha is quite simply, amazing. She has a keen attention to detail that astounds me. This translates into every aspect of her teaching. She can see the nuances of movement and provide individualized guidance that helps her students sauced while smiling and having fun. - Christabel Zamor (HoopGirl)

Read what others are saying about Hoopsie Daisy's tutorials!

This tutorial is the best! I seriously just went outside after watching it and was able to do the trick after a few tries! - Krystyl

I've been trying to learn this trick for a while but this video is the one that worked. Thanks! - disco

Very clear instructional style. Thank you. - Julie M.

I'm mastering one-legged hooping with Hoopsie Daisyís tutorial. Love it! Iíve been able to hoop on one leg but unable to get the other leg back in. Thanks to your tutorial - success!! Yay!! - yoginihooper

Super great tutorial vid! I love the step by step music/phrases infusion. - Noelle

This tutorial really breaks it down and has a great camera angle! - Christina

Absolutely loved it!! Now I have to try it! - Bonnie MacDougall

Fantastic! Yesterday and today I finally got knee hooping, and here you are with a GREAT TUTORIAL. I thought I was done, but now Iím back to the hoop with your instructions. Thanks! - ohmywhatfun

I am SO glad you posted this! I've been freaked about this move for a while now and settling for less than a jump, just passing it under my knees. Thank you for letting me see the timing of it. - laurenlily007

I'm gonna try this! Brilliant inspiration! - lulalovesyou

Wow! How did you ever do that? - judynoel

This is some of the clearest demonstration I have seen. - last10seconds

Hey no fair!? You make it look so eeeeasy! Haha! I know better. You're damn good. - corbindallas30

You're an amazing talent. I found this videoo really helpful and learned beam me up with samurai reversals really easily after watching you. Thanks! I'll definitely be using your other videos, too! - dirtydatlanta

I've been trying to figure this out for a week. Thanks! - snatchcat

Read what others are saying about Hoopsie Daisy's performances!

Natasha is a pure being of delight! I love her gorgeous smile and she is such a sassy flirt on stage. She sees deeply into all things and always brings everything around her into an high level of order and beauty. She has a huge heart and what a goddess! - Christabel (HoopGirl)

Natasha is one of the most committed performers I know. She not only radiates fun and warmth as a hoop dancer, she approaches each performance with an amazing attention to detail. If Natasha is performing for you, know that she will have put a great deal of thought and energy into everything from choreography, music, and costuming to lighting and photography - she'll likely coordinate even the color of laces in her shoes to complement your event. - Claudia Graziano

Natasha, you are such a fun and spunky performer! Lots of fun to watch! Bravo Natasha! Bravo!! Catherine

Great job girl! I am trying to get focused in my hooping and I see you growing better and better each day! I've watched your videos and the progress you made all for a little bit while now....you are an inspiration. To see you showcase all these tricks to this performance is a touchdown. Classic, it's a hit! - TheARTwalk

That was so sassy, sexy, and cute all at the same time! Awesome performance. - nadiasophia1

So super cute and creative, Natasha! You were fab-o! - Candice Schutter (HoopShine)

Brilliant Natasha! I love it!! We just don't seem to do this sort of performing here in the UK. More is the pity. - Sue

Amazing choreography! Great tricks loved it! - fyers89

A fun and well done performance. I enjoy your pep and zeal and talent. - MsBHoopingAllure

That was the best performance I've seen of you yet! Absolutely perfect, Miss Sassy! - Beth Lavinder

I really enjoyed this! Great entertainment, awesome hooping, and I love the song! Great performance! - HoopCharmer

OMG! WHAT a perfect song, routine, costume (HOTT)--deeeliciousdeliciousdelicious. The twins look fabulous in the double weave too. Really, a top-notch performance (as everyone has said). Encore! - Ann Humphreys (Hoop Path)

That's awesome :D I've never seen someone use the hula hoop and look sexy at the same time. I can't even keep it going around my waist! - MatchDare

You make this look so easy. Really beautiful! - 1world4me

Gorgeous! You also have great flexibility! - luvtospin