Hoopsie Daisy will provide you with world class entertainment including unique costumes and performances tailored specifically for your event, from an athletic fitness look or a sassy burlesque dancer to a mischievous fairy or a club go go dancer. Prism, LED, and fire hoops are available to rock your event! Perfect for tv/film, commercials, music videos, corporate events, and more! To book a performance, contact Hoopsie Daisy!

Read what others are saying about Hoopsie Daisy's performances!

Natasha is a pure being of delight! I love her gorgeous smile and she is such a sassy flirt on stage. She sees deeply into all things and always brings everything around her into an high level of order and beauty. She has a huge heart and what a goddess! - Christabel (HoopGirl)

Natasha is one of the most committed performers I know. She not only radiates fun and warmth as a hoop dancer, she approaches each performance with an amazing attention to detail. If Natasha is performing for you, know that she will have put a great deal of thought and energy into everything from choreography, music, and costuming to lighting and photography - she'll likely coordinate even the color of laces in her shoes to complement your event. - Claudia Graziano

Natasha, you are such a fun and spunky performer! Lots of fun to watch! Bravo Natasha! Bravo!! Catherine

Great job girl! I am trying to get focused in my hooping and I see you growing better and better each day! I've watched your videos and the progress you made all for a little bit while now....you are an inspiration. To see you showcase all these tricks to this performance is a touchdown. Classic, it's a hit! - TheARTwalk

That was so sassy, sexy, and cute all at the same time! Awesome performance. - nadiasophia1

So super cute and creative, Natasha! You were fab-o! - Candice Schutter (HoopShine)

Brilliant Natasha! I love it!! We just don't seem to do this sort of performing here in the UK. More is the pity. - Sue

Amazing choreography! Great tricks loved it! - fyers89

A fun and well done performance. I enjoy your pep and zeal and talent. - MsBHoopingAllure

That was the best performance I've seen of you yet! Absolutely perfect, Miss Sassy! - Beth Lavinder

I really enjoyed this! Great entertainment, awesome hooping, and I love the song! Great performance! - HoopCharmer

OMG! WHAT a perfect song, routine, costume (HOTT)--deeeliciousdeliciousdelicious. The twins look fabulous in the double weave too. Really, a top-notch performance (as everyone has said). Encore! - Ann Humphreys (Hoop Path)

That's awesome :D I've never seen someone use the hula hoop and look sexy at the same time. I can't even keep it going around my waist! - MatchDare

You make this look so easy. Really beautiful! - 1world4me

Gorgeous! You also have great flexibility! - luvtospin