Hoopsie Daisy teaches fun, high-energy classes full of laughter! She emphasizes the importance of feeling confident and radiant while hooping, and she draws on her extensive dance background to provide articulate and accessible instruction. Her goal is to help all of her students achieve hoop bliss!

Hoopsie Daisy's dedication to teaching has resulted in being nominated for Hooping.org's annual Hoopie awards since their inception:
2007-2008 Hooping.org Instructor of the Year finalist
2008-2009 Hooping.org Instructor of the Year finalist
2009-2010 Hooping.org Tutorial of the Year finalist
2010-2011 Hooping.org Tutorial of the Year finalist
2011-2012 Hooping.org Tutorial of the Year finalist
2012-2013 Hooping.org Tutorial of the Year finalist
2013-2014 Hooping.org Tutorial of the Year finalist

Beginner class
Hoopdance for beginners is an introductory class for all ages, genders, and body types - no previous experience is necessary! Even if you were never able to hoop as a child, these adult-sized hoops with grippy tape will stick to your hips - give hooping another spin! This class will cover the basics of hooping on the torso, arms, and legs, as well as off body hooping, jumps, and floor work.

Intermediate class
Intermediate hoopdance builds upon the basics, focusing on transitions, combining moves, and learning more complex skills. Smooth out and improve the skills you already have while you expand your hoop vocabulary with challenging new moves including shoulder and leg hooping variations!

Advanced class
Advanced hoopdance will make you the best hooper you can possibly be! This class will push you to new heights with more combinations and show stopping tricks.

Special workshops
Special workshops are offered for partner hooping (two people in one hoop), double hooping (one person with two hoops), leg hooping skills, LED hooping, and performance skills.

Private lessons
Private lessons are available for individuals or small groups, which provides a personalized curriculum tailored to your needs as well as one on one instruction.

Info for all classes
Please wear comfortable stretchy clothes such as tank tops and yoga pants. Bring lots of water because you will sweat! Class size is extremely limited in order to provide individual attention to each student.

Hoops are provided for class use and are available for purchase. To order a hoop before class begins, contact Hoopsie Daisy

Read what others are saying about Hoopsie Daisy's classes!

What I liked most about the class was Natasha - great inspiration! It was a wonderful experience with lots of learning. I'm definitely getting to feel my rhythm and body. - Eva

The best part of class was our friendly, accessible teacher! I felt very comfortable and safe. It was fun, sexy, and easy going. I had a great time!

Natasha is very approachable and that helps a lot! I really appreciate how she breaks down all the moves in easy to understand step by step techniques and always fits in individual attention for students within the class setting. You're really great! Keep teaching! - Kaylynn

I really like Natasha's down to earth and friendly style of teaching.

I enjoyed the thorough instruction, correction, and advice. Class was fun and challenging! - Christine

I loved that everyone was at different levels and it is okay to make mistakes.

The best part of this class was the detailed explanations and the friendly, supportive instructor. - Elena

What I liked most was that by the end of class, I always had a few tricks down. It was a great experience and I'm sure I'll be back. I loved it! - Shae

I love this class because it is so much fun without any pressure, just learning at your own pace! This class is fun and helps me if I have a stressful week. - Zarah

My favorite thing was the friendly and relaxed environment. This class made me feel 7 years old again!

The best thing about class was Natasha's patience! - Julie

What I liked most about class was Natasha's upbeat attitude. Hoop class was a wonderful way to unwind after a long day!

I loved learning how to use my body to manipulate the hoop. I enjoyed learning how to challenge my body. If you want to reawaken your body, join the hoop cult. You'll thank yourself later!

Good instruction, fantastic class! Natasha's instruction is energetic and her teaching is gentle and to the point - perfect! - Jan

So much fun and instruction for tricks was easy to understand. I had a great time and Natasha was a fantastic teacher! - Lauren

Natasha has a great eye for specific adjustments! The class was very sweet and educational. I will take it again! - Margo

You're a great teacher - playful, mellow, and patient with good resources and good communication. You exposed us to the whole hoop community that's out there. The class was totally hip and fun. Hula hooping isn't just for kids. - Patti

What I liked most about class was that each move is shown with different ways of doing it and allows for variation of movement. I'd like to take more levelsl of this class. Please teach more! This class has been challenging but also LOTS of fun. It's also a good way to work out and work up a sweat! - Carolyn

Natasha is quite simply, amazing. She has a keen attention to detail that astounds me. This translates into every aspect of her teaching. She can see the nuances of movement and provide individualized guidance that helps her students sauced while smiling and having fun. - Christabel Zamor (HoopGirl)